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Honda Civic Si runs for more than 20 years, selling for more than $ 36,500

Honda Civic Si is known to be the sporty variation of the famous Japanese car. Civic Si was first introduced in the 3rd generation of Honda Civic from 1984 to 1987.

On the 1999 Honda Civic Si, Honda has equipped the car with a front spring system that is 25% stiffer, a rear spring 33% stiffer and a front strut bar is equipped. At the same time, the car is also equipped with a thicker front anti-roll bar and this is also the only Civic Si equipped with a rear anti-roll bar. The car has a larger brake disc, tires up to 195 mm, and 15-inch polished seven-spoke aluminum wheels.

This is one of the very new 1999 Honda Civic Si with painted Electron Blue. The vehicle is equipped with a number of features including AM / FM CD stereo, large disc brakes, …

The car is also sold with original documents from the owner as well as an original manual

The car has a dark gray felt-fabric interior with patterned on the seats and dashboard as well as door sills.

The car is equipped with Civic-branded floor mats, amenities such as air conditioning, Honda brand CD, leather gear lever and electric window.

The vehicle is equipped with a four-spoke steering wheel with a 140-mile tachometer, a rev counter and a Si combination meter that monitors cooling water temperature and measures fuel level.

The special thing is that the price of this car has increased in the past few years. Currently, the car is auctioned through the Bring A Trailer page and the top price is at $ 36,500, higher than a new 2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe that starts at around $ 25,000 in the US market.

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