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Honda Jazz 2021 Introducing, priced at $ 73,000

Honda has just introduced the Honda Jazz 2021 in the Singapore market with 3 versions including 1.5 Base, 1.5 Home and 1.5 Luxe e. Honda Jazz 2021 in Singapore has the same design as the model in Japan with the price of more than 73,000 USD

Specifically, at the end of last year, the Japanese automaker decided to stop selling the new Honda Jazz hatchback in all markets in the Asia-Pacific region to streamline its product line. Accordingly, the position that Jazz left will be replaced by the newly launched Honda City Hatchback in Thailand.

In particular, there is an Asian market preparing to welcome the new Honda Jazz 2021, which is Singapore. Recently, Kah Motor – a distributor of Honda cars in Singapore – has announced that it will start accepting deposits from customers who want to buy Jazz 2021.

Honda Jazz 2021 in Singapore will have a total of 3 versions, including 1.5 Base, 1.5 Home and 1.5 Luxe e: HEV. This is also the first time the Honda Jazz 2021 hybrid e: HEV is sold in parallel with the regular 1.5L petrol engine.

In terms of engine, providing power for the 1.5 Base and 1.5 Home versions is a 4-cylinder i-VTEC petrol engine, DOHC, 1.5L capacity, producing a maximum capacity of 119 hp and extreme torque. great 145 Nm. Meanwhile, the 1.5 Lux e: HEV version is equipped with an i-MMD hybrid powertrain with 2 electric motors, connected to a 4-cylinder i-VTEC petrol engine, DOHC, 1.5L capacity and battery pack. lithium-ion. This powertrain produces a total capacity of 124 hp and maximum torque of 253 Nm.

Only version 1.5 Lux e: HEV will have 3 driving modes: EV, Hybrid and Engine. In EV mode, the lithium-ion battery assembly will power the direct drive motor. In Hybrid mode, the motor will power the electric motor as a generator. This generator will then power the drive motor. In Engine mode, the engine will connect directly to the wheel via a locking clutch

In terms of design, Honda Jazz 2021 for Singapore is no different from cars in Japan. This Class B hatchback also applies a softer and more rounded design style than before. At the top of the car, the Honda Jazz 2021 has a larger LED headlight cluster with ball-bearing surrounded by LED daytime positioning lights. Add to that a simplified Solid Wing grille, trapezoidal center air cavity and circular fog lights.

Next is the hidden wipers to increase visibility for the occupants of the car, the smooth rearview mirrors both reduce noise and increase aerodynamic efficiency, the ribbed line extends from the front fenders to the taillights, columns. A thinner with a reduced thickness from 116 mm to 55 mm, new horizontal taillights with a smooth design and a rather small roof spoiler. Entering the new generation, Honda Jazz owns 3,995 mm long, 1694 mm wide, 1,539 mm high and a wheelbase of 2,530 mm. Compared to the old version, this model is slightly shorter and lower while the wheelbase remains the same. Inside the Honda Jazz 2021 is an interior space reminiscent of an electric car but quite practical.

Specifically, the car is equipped with a 2-spoke steering wheel, a full digital instrument panel, a soft material-wrapped dashboard and a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment screen, supporting Apple. CarPlay is like Android Auto. Honda confirmed that the Jazz 2021 has the leading infotainment system in the Singapore market. And yet, this B-class hatchback still retains the famous comfortable Ultra Seat seat of Honda.

This chair can be folded flat on the floor or folded up. If the rear seat does not fold down, the Honda Jazz 2021 has a luggage compartment volume of 298 liters. The corresponding figure when the rear seats fold down is 1,203 liters. The remaining highlight of the Honda Jazz 2021 in the Singapore market is the safety system contained in the Honda Sensing package. Accordingly, the car is equipped with a brake system that minimizes collisions with the ability to detect pedestrians at night even without street lights. In addition, this system also automatically brakes if the Honda Jazz 2021 “crosses his head” or turns into the lane of an approaching vehicle.

Finally, there is adaptive cruise control with a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, lane keeping assist at 72 km / h or more, and lane deflection minimization. . In the Singapore market, the price of Honda Jazz 2021 will range from 95,999 to 100,999 SGD.

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