How many cars are produced globally every minute?

Currently, there are nearly 100 million cars shipped globally, that figure when converted to each minute is still very large.

Over the past five years, an average of 94 million cars have been produced each year. It can be seen that the automobile manufacturing industry has a huge scale, very difficult to imagine. However, the website MoneyShake has summarized the number of vehicles per minute, making it easier for readers to recognize.

According to the average volume of cars above, each month there will be about 7,833,333 units produced, each day is about 257,534 units and equivalent to 178.8 units per minute.

Among the 20 largest car manufacturers in the world, Toyota topped the list of cars shipped per minute. Currently, the Japanese manufacturer has an annual car output of 10.4 million units with two main brands: Toyota and Lexus.

This equates to 872,000 units per month, 28,000 units per day, and 19.9 units per minute.

Following Toyota on the list is Volkswagen at 19.8 units per minute. The German manufacturer is producing 10.3 million cars a year, thanks to the fact that Volkswagen owns a lot of different brands from popular to luxury cars, super luxury cars, super cars.

Meanwhile, Hyundai is the third largest car manufacturer in the world with 7.2 cars shipped per year, equivalent to 13.7 units per minute. If counted by country, China will be at the top of the list, completely beating the rest with 25.7 million cars produced per year, or 48.9 units per minute.

For major domestic manufacturers such as SAIC, Geely, Changan and Dongfeng, it is understandable that China has achieved this. In fact, “the world’s most populous country” is shipping with more production than all three successive countries combined (USA, Japan and Germany).

China has an average of 48.9 units shipped per minute. On the other hand, in terms of sales of firms, Toyota and Volkswagen naturally ranked first with huge numbers of 280.5 billion USD and 275.2 billion USD, equivalent to more than 500,000 USD per minute. .

The average UK earners will have to work 12 years to achieve what the two producers above earn in 60 seconds while the Americans will take 9 years.

Ranking of manufacturers by amount earned per minute:

  • Toyota – 533,676 USD
  • Volkswagen – 523,592 USD
  • Daimler – 359,970 USD
  • Ford – $ 285,198
  • Honda – 270,928 USD
  • General Motors – $ 261,035
    7-8. SAIC – 230,403 USD
    7-8. FCA – 230,403 USD
  • BMW – $ 221,842
  • Nissan – $ 183,219
  • Hyundai – $ 172,184
  • Peugeot – 159,056 USD

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