Human Horizons introduces the HiPhi Z high-end electric sedan with a unique and futuristic design

Following the success of the HiPhi X, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Human Horizons will launch its second model, the HiPhi Z. Human Horizons is one of the new electric vehicle manufacturers in China, and has just launched it. marketed its first model called HiPhi X in April 2020. However, the brand quickly enjoyed initial success when in September this year, the HiPhi X became a luxury electric car. highest sales in China, beating even the Porsche Taycan.

But Human Horizons has no intention of slowing down and is preparing to launch another “fiction” electric vehicle. On November 6, the company unveiled the HiPhi Z, an electric vehicle positioned as a new premium sedan, with 95% of the design completed and expected to debut in April next year at the Expo. Beijing cars 2022.

At the moment, the HiPhi Z is still a concept car, but based on the company’s statements, the final production version will probably not be much different. As seen in the video and photos here, the HiPhi Z has a very eye-catching design with sharp, clear lines and strangely shaped lights at the front and back.

In particular, the taillights have a see-through design and display digital images. On the other hand, the car also has an active rear spoiler, which can automatically raise and lower to improve aerodynamics. The rearview mirrors are also replaced by modern cameras.
The interior design of the HiPhi Z truly represents a futuristic concept car, with a floating LCD screen that can be rotated at any angle, a steering wheel with a display, and an additional small dashboard display on the top. dashboard face.
In terms of driver assistance technology, the premium electric sedan is equipped with two 8-megapixel HD cameras, one 2-megapixel camera, five millimeter wave radars, one LiDAR, four side cameras, and 31 driver assistance sensors. It also comes with Nvidia’s Drive Orin-X chip.
Unfortunately, Human Horizons hasn’t revealed anything about the HiPhi Z’s electric powertrain yet, so we’ll need to wait a little longer to see if this futuristic-looking car also has the same futuristic performance. are not.

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