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All New Hyundai Tucson L Introducing, debuted in China – 2022

Hyundai Tucson L is an SUV for the Chinese market. Vehicles with 2 engine options are 1.5L turbocharged and 2.0L turbocharged.

The new generation of Hyundai Tucson has just been unveiled at the 2020 Guangzhou Motor Show. The SUV is named Tucson L, exclusively for the Chinese market.

The L in the names of Chinese models often refers to a long wheelbase. According to Hyundai, the name Tucson L is to highlight the length of the car, because the size and legroom are very important factors for Chinese users.

The Hyundai Tucson L is similar in size to the standard Tucson and longer than the short-wheelbase Tucson in the European market.

In the 4th generation, Tucson was completely changed. The exterior of the car is built in Sensuous Sportiness language. The highlight of the Tucson’s exterior is a large grille with integrated daylight LED system. The Tucson L version in China has dark headlights and taillights.

A silver border extends on the top edge of the windows. Pillar B and C are painted glossy black, with chrome plated rearview mirror. At the back, the silver diffuser is the highlight, the dual exhaust system is also plated in dark chrome.

The side of the car stands out with straight and sharp lines. The Tucson L’s length x width x height are 4,630 x 1,865 x 1,665 mm, and the wheelbase is 2,755 mm. Compared with the old generation, the car is 150 mm longer.

Inside, the cabin features a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment screen. All physical buttons on the center console have been removed, leaving only the emergency light button. The air conditioning system is also adjustable via the central screen.

Hyundai Tucson L in China is equipped with a 1.5L turbocharged Smartstream engine, combined with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. This engine produces 170 horsepower. There is also a turbocharged 2.0L engine, 8-speed automatic transmission, producing 240 horsepower capacity. Vehicles with HTRAC 4-wheel drive system and 3 terrain modes are mud, sand and snow.

The safety technologies available on the Hyundai Tucson L include Hyundai SmartSense system with automatic braking, automatic headlights, distraction warning, lane keeping assist, and lane departure warning.

It also has a high-speed driving assistance system, adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning, collision warning, remote parking assist, rear passenger warning and a collision warning system. cross the back.

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