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VIDEO: Hyundai i20 R5 Exhaust Sound and Testing

16 special routes are planned along the 4-day itinerary with a total distance of 241.14 km

The shakedown and the special opening super will take place on Thursday, December 3rd

Friday’s roundabout route includes three separate routes: Junior (13.43 km) and Roggia (16.22 km), both double insured and the 10.31 km shorter one called Grand Prix

The mountain road is planned on Saturday with the repetition of specials of Selvino (25.06 km), Gerosa (11.09 km) and Costa Valle Imagna (22.17 km), followed by the second leg two of the special Grand Prix

Sunday begins with the third and final lap of the special Grand Prix, 14.97 km ahead of Serraglio, performed twice. The second step will serve as the final Strength Phase of the season.

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