Hyundai’s new 7-seat SUV is revealed

Before the official launch date on April 6, 2021, Hyundai released the first sketch images of the exterior and interior of the new 7-seat SUV called Alcazar for the Indian market.

Essentially, the Hyundai Alcazar is a three-row version of the Hyundai Creta SUV, marking Hyundai’s entry into the mid-size three-row SUV segment – a very vibrant segment.

A sketch of Alcazar reveals changes in the rear compared to the Creta. If the “spy” photos previously showed that Alcazar will own the front part quite similar to Creta. Meanwhile, the rear end has been completely redesigned to fit the 3-row configuration. The Alcazar’s rear overhang has been lengthened and the C-pillar is much thicker.

In addition, the taillights are also redesigned, looking more modern than the Creta model and the rear bumper is also refined. In addition, it is likely that the car will be equipped with larger 18-inch alloy wheels.

Moving inside, the Alcazar’s dashboard is almost identical to the one on the Creta. The difference is mainly concentrated in the second row and the newly added third row. Hyundai Alcazar will be available in both 7 and 6 seat options. In particular, the 6-seater version will have independent seats in the second row separated from each other by an armrests and cup holder. Second row passengers are even provided with a wireless charging dock.

Some sources claim that Alcazar may come with some ADAS technology, also known as Hyundai SmartSense in other markets. Although there is currently very little details about this package, it will likely include some features such as forward collision avoidance assist, automatic emergency braking technology, driver assistance on highway and lane departure warning.

Under the bonnet, Hyundai Alcazar is expected to “put” the Creta petrol and diesel engine options. That means the car will be equipped with a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine and a 1.5-liter petrol / diesel engine.

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