IM Airo – The most unique self-driving electric car concept model at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show

This is a car with a futuristic look. Manufactured by Zhiji, IM Airo looks like a mobile room with multi-function interiors, intelligent self-driving, and a state-of-the-art air purification system.

At the Shanghai Motor Show, the Chinese domestic car manufacturers brought many interesting cars, including production cars and concept cars, but hardly any as exotic as IM Airo. IM is a new car brand under Zhiji, and Zhiji is a joint venture between SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech, and Alibaba Group, while British design company Heatherwick Studio is responsible for Airo’s design. .

The electric car is not Heatherwick Studio’s first mobility project, but it highlights their global approach as well as the way in which cars and architecture are beginning to come together. The Airo is a compact urban electric vehicle concept that features all of today’s cutting-edge technology, from the electric powertrain to the inclusion of an autonomous steering system.

A special feature worth mentioning is the HEPA (highly efficient particle absorption) air filtration system designed to absorb local pollution and deliver cleaner air. For smog-covered megacities like Shanghai, the idea of ​​an air-purifying car is very useful, even if it is difficult to come to fruition.

IM Airo is not just a car. It has a fully flexible interior layout and can transform from a regular car into a mobile room, or it can be a place to sit to work or play games and watch movies. Customers can dine around a table or even sleep. Once again, Heatherwick Studio made a groundbreaking effort, turning the wasted space of a stationary car into a benefit; Combine this with an autonomous driving system and the possibilities will be endless.

Looking at the pictures here, IM Airo has transparent sliding doors and 4 comfortable seats that can be rotated 360 degrees. Although the car is self-driving, the interior is still equipped with a steering wheel and control button so that the driver can take control when needed. Meanwhile, the appearance of the car is something that is not easy to describe in words. This is an experimental concept. According to the Heatherwick Studio homepage, IM Airo is likely to enter production in 2023, but nothing is certain.

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