Jaguar introduces the Vision Gran Turismo Roadster concept exclusively for the virtual world

Along with the Vision GT Coupe and Vision GT SV, the Vision GT Roadster is the third electric concept car which Jaguar has designed for the “Gran Turismo”.

If you’re a fan of racing simulation video games, then you’ve probably heard the news that “Gran Turismo 7” has just been released. “Gran Turismo 7” launched for the Playstation 5 this week, and both video game enthusiasts and car enthusiasts alike were salivating at its stunning graphics.

To celebrate the launch of the new game, Jaguar has added a special concept car called the Vision Gran Turismo Roadster to the virtual world. This is the third Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo car, after the Vision GT Coupe and Vision GT SV.

Like the coupe version, the Jaguar Vision Turismo is an all-electric vehicle, using a compact, lightweight three-motor electric setup from the Jaguar TCS Racing Formula E race car. Those motors combine to create outputs a capacity of 1,006 hp and 1,200 Nm of maximum torque, helping the car to achieve an acceleration time of 0-96 km / h under 2 seconds, and a maximum speed of 322 km / h.

All three Jaguar concepts will be drivable in “Gran Turismo 7”. Jaguar’s design team created a special paint finish for each vehicle. Jaguar says that specially developed black and gray paint colors and cutting-edge graphics help emphasize the impressive designs. The Vision Gran Turismo Roadster features a single-seat racing design that is clearly reminiscent of the classic D-Type, including a green paint job with white accents.

Other elements of the D-Type include a rear fin for the driver and an aerodynamically optimized windshield. The rear fin then features a flat British flag, as well as subtle lighting. The model also features a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery pack and a near 50:50 weight distribution, intended to give the digital racer “unparalleled steering, handling, and agility.”

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