Japan Launches DMV – The World’s First Bus-Train Hybrid Vehicle

The actual DMV has been around since the early 2000s in Japan, but has since been discontinued. Now, Asa Coast Railway has received further development and launched a new generation of DMVs.
Cars can float on water, airplanes can often reach the stratosphere – there are many vehicles in the world that make us admire with their hybrid capabilities. But perhaps no vehicle is as exciting and exotic as the DMV, the world’s first dual-mode vehicle that runs on the road like a bus and on the tracks like a train.

The DMV is a new hybrid vehicle launched in Japan, where it will be operated by the public-private railway company, Asa Coast Railway. This is an important milestone for both the company and Tokushima Prefecture, which has been waiting 10 years for this moment. The Nippon newspaper reported that Shigeki Miura, the Mayor of Kayio town in Tokushima, is also the chairman of the railway company.

The strange Japanese hybrid vehicle looks like a minibus and is fitted with regular tires to operate on public streets. But its unique feature lies in the steel wheels that can be released from the bottom, ready to rush onto the tracks like a train. Switching from one mode to another took just 15 seconds and was without a hitch.

According to Euronews, the DMV runs on conventional fuel and can reach speeds of 100 km/h when operating as a bus and 60 km/h when operating as a train. An entire fleet of cute dual-mode buses of various colors are ready to take passengers from Tokushima to Kochi, connecting several towns along the coast of Shikoku Island.

Japan is known to respect elders, and the DMV has been designed with that in mind. A means of transport that can pick up elderly people from a bus stop and take them directly to the city they need to go without having to transfer from bus to train is a form of respect and consideration for citizens. old number.

Moreover, the local government also hopes that the DMV will promote the tourism industry, attracting more tourists from neighboring provinces, and also foreign tourists.

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