Kahn Flying Huntsman 6×6 Introducing – The ultimate Land Rover Defender 6 wheeler, priced at £499,999

For sale by the British tuning company on their homepage for £499,999, it was built in 2018 and has only 160 km on the clock, one owner, and comes in a right-hand drive configuration.

The 6×6 is a rarity in the world, for understandable reasons such as its high cost, and its enormous size making it difficult to use on public roads. If you are someone who does not mind these issues, then you will probably be interested in the Kahn Flying Huntsman 6×6 below. It is a previous generation Land Rover Defender, heavily modified with all-wheel drive.

The car’s exterior is finished in Volcanic Rock Satin paint, plus many custom equipment such as grille, fenders, tubular door sills, 100 mm exhaust pipes, and eye-catching red-rimmed black wheels. . Under the bonnet is a 6.2-liter V8 from GM, producing about 430 horsepower, and mated to a six-speed automatic transmission and differential lock.

To contrast the exterior, the interior is filled with red leather, along with the presence of a 3-spoke steering wheel, thick rubber floor mats, trademark “Chelsea Truck Company”, bar special sill panels, and many other custom-made details. The 6×6 also has plenty of luxury features, of course, such as heated front seats, auto-opening windows, an electronic vehicle locking and warning system, and an infotainment system that provides access to features. other ability.

The Kahn Flying Huntsman 6×6 is clearly more than a head-scratcher, if you have the budget to bring it to your garage. After all, monster cars like this will be rarer as the world is moving towards a purely electric future and giving up on production of internal combustion engine cars.

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