Kalashnikov, the company that manufactures the AK47 rifle, applies for a patent for a 4-wheel and 3-wheel electric vehicle

The electric vehicle sector is attracting even non-vehicle companies like Kalashnikov to jump into the game.
The Russian company Kalashnikov is mainly known around the world for its rifles and military equipment, but recently the company is also entering the automotive sector with the goal of developing its own electric vehicle. . The Kalashnikov Izh UV-4 electric car made its debut in 2018 as a prototype, but through a newly revealed set of patent images, the Russian company appears to be developing a version. production, along with a more compact 2-door 3-wheeler.

Kalashnikov’s history with electric vehicles began in 2018 when the company introduced the CV-1 Concept electric car with a retro style, while a spokesman said it wanted to compete with Tesla. The Izh UV-4 prototype was unveiled later that year, and was followed by a taxi variant that debuted during a 2019 event in Moscow

The latest images appearing at the Russian patent office show that Izh UV-4 has not changed much. It retains the quirky styling that looks like an oversized Renault Twizy, exposed wheels, and military-style doors. The vehicle has a compact size with a length of 3.4 meters, a width of 1.5 meters and a height of 1.7 meters. Equipment is expected to be just basic, but it will still include air conditioning, heating, digital instrument panel, infotainment screen, and adjustable suspension.
The company’s previous announcements said that the car’s capacity could be up to 67 horsepower, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 80 km / h thanks to its light weight of only 650 kg. Kalashnikov doesn’t reveal battery pack figures but in 2019 they claim it’s enough to provide a range of 150 km. Another plus of this battery pack is the “low risk of fire in the event of an accident” as mentioned in the official press release for the cab variant.
As for the unnamed 2-door 3-wheel electric version, it has the same styling as the UV-4, but with a significantly shorter body and wheelbase, and most importantly, less. 1 wheel on the rear axle. The electric 3-wheeler has a head that looks similar to its 4-wheeled brother, but it has a more rounded overall shape and has no doors, revealing the cabin. Inside, pictures show it has enough room for 2 passengers and some luggage. It also shares the same dashboard layout with the UV-4, but one difference is that it also comes with a sunroof.
Kalashnikov has not provided a timetable for the market launch of their electric models, but considering they introduced the prototype up to 3 years ago, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Russian company makes an official announcement. in the coming months.

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