Karma GS-6 US US Introducing

American automaker Karma has just launched a hybrid GS-6 model with a price tag of more than $ 80,000.

The exterior of the Karma GS-6 is quite similar to the Karma Revero GT seniors launched in 2019. However, the GS-6 has a more accessible price – from 83,900 USD, excluding different taxes.

Karma GS-6 is distributed with 3 versions: Standard, Luxury and Sport. Depending on the version, the car will be equipped with 21 or 22 inch alloy wheels, next to the standard brake system produced by Brembo.

Similarly, the interior of the car has a layout similar to other Karma models such as a digital dashboard and a 10.2-inch central entertainment screen, support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Some other amenities in the car such as heated and ventilated seats, an 8-speaker sound system and the ability to upgrade software via wireless networks …

Customers can freely personalize the GS-6 with many attractive options such as 5 interior leather colors, carbon fiber interior cladding or real wood from the remnants of forest fires in California …

In terms of safety, the Karma GS-6 has an 8 airbag system as well as a variety of driver assistance systems such as lane keeping alert, adaptive automatic throttle, automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning, warning of cross-sectional vehicles, 360 camera …

All versions of the GS-6 feature an auxiliary electrical system with a 28 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Two electric motors are installed in the rear axle to produce a maximum combined power of 543 hp and 746 Nm of torque.

If only using electric motor, the car can travel up to 129 km. Along with that, the combination with a 1.5L 3-cylinder internal combustion engine allows the car to travel with a maximum distance of 579 km.

Karma GS-6 has 3 different driving modes: Stealth, Sustain and Sport. With Stealth mode, the vehicle uses only electric motors. As for Sustain mode, the internal combustion engine will assist in recharging the lithium-ion battery during use.

With Sport mode, the car will use power from both the internal combustion engine and the electric motor to optimize the vehicle’s performance. At this time, GS-6 is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in about 3.8 seconds.

Vehicle charging capacity is also one of the issues that concerns customers. With a level 2 charging system, the car takes about 4 hours to fully charge. However, when using the 45 kW 1-way fast charging system, the car only needs 34 minutes to fully charge 90% of the battery.

Later this year, Karma will also launch an all-electric version, the GSe-6, with a starting price of $ 79,900. When fully charged, this version can travel a maximum distance of 483 km.

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