All New Kia EV6 Quick REVIEW – first electric car of Kia.

EV6 is the first commercial electric vehicle in Kia history. What are the advantages of this SUV?

The wheelbase of the standard version Kia EV6 2022 has a length of 4,680 mm, the size of the GT-Line and GT versions reaches 4,695 mm. All 3 versions have a width of 1,880 mm. The standard version and the GT-Line are 1,550 mm tall, while the GT version is slightly more than 45 mm. The wheelbase of the car reaches 2,900 mm, equivalent to that of mid-size SUVs. The luggage compartment capacity of 520 liters, can be increased to 1,300 liters if the rear seats are folded.

All versions of the Kia EV6 can charge 10-80% of the battery in 18 minutes or 4.5 minutes to travel a distance of 100 km. Maximum operating range 510 km / charge.

Standard and GT-Line versions, the EV6 has the option of rear-wheel drive with 1 electric motor or all-wheel drive (AWD) with 2 electric motors. Capacity ranges from 168-320 horsepower, maximum torque from 350-605 Nm.

Particularly, the GT version is equipped with 2 electric motors with a total capacity of 577 hp, maximum torque of 740 Nm. That makes it capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in just 3.5 seconds, a top speed of 260 km / h.

In the UK, the Kia EV6 2022 has a starting price of up to £ 40,895.

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