All New Kia Sorento Special edition was launched – 2021

Kia Sorento has just added 2 versions, Yosemite and Zion. Two models are developed from the Sorento X-Line, serving off-road purposes in the mountains and deserts.

Although the SEMA show is not held this year, many carmakers still release special or custom editions, with lots of bold ideas. Typically Kia, the Korean automaker has just released two new concepts based on the Sorento X-Line.

The two terrain versions are the Sorento Yosemite Edition and the Sorento Zion Edition, named after two parks in the United States.

Kia positions the Sorento Yosemite Edition as a dedicated all-terrain SUV for exploring in the mountains. The body is painted in Pine Green, combined with matte black details.

The large roof rack can be placed with extra wheels or luggage. In addition, the car also has an LED light bar mounted on the roof.

Meanwhile, the Kia Sorento Zion Edition is a car suitable for desert terrain. The body is painted in Desert Sand in yellow and covered in gloss.

The accents on the car are also painted glossy black. The cargo box can be expanded, helping the car carry more items.

Both versions are equipped with 20-inch wheels along with 32-inch terrain tires. The vehicle also has underbody panels for off-road use.

Kia says the majority of Kia Sorento owners will not customize the car this way, but there are still some people who love it. For customers looking to upgrade their cars, the company also offers accessories such as roof racks, towing braces and new pedestals.

The fourth generation of Kia Sorento has made its debut in the US. The car has a more aggressive design than before, reminiscent of “elder” Telluride. Engine options are available, including naturally aspirated 2.5L 4-cylinder petrol, 2.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder, 1.6L turbocharged hybrid, and 1.6L PHEV.

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