Lada VAZ 2101 have luxury interior

The classic Lada VAZ 2101 is a compact sedan produced by AvtoVAZ between 1970 and 1988 as the company’s first production vehicle. Essentially a modified version of the Fiat 124 to suit Soviet and Eastern European needs, it is a humble vehicle and arguably the cheapest new car in Great Britain after imports caught on. early in 1974.

The original interior of the Fiat 124 is quite classy, ​​but Lada has modified a lot and the end result is a cheaper-looking cabin. Now, a tuning studio from Bulgaria has decided to give the 2101 a classy makeover to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular sedan. Looking at the pictures of these Lada VAZ 2101 degrees, the craftsmen have done a great job.

The interior overhaul begins with the complete disassembly of the cabin and the sound insulation of the entire hull. Tuning experts have created a dedicated center console to accommodate an aftermarket sound system. Beneath it is a leather shift lever and furthermore an aluminum badge with the build date and owner’s name.

Almost every interior detail has been carefully remodeled with the only seemingly untouched part being the central vents. The seats were taken from a Toyota and upholstered in brown leather with contrasting white stitching. Aluminum accelerator / brake covers, vintage wooden steering wheel, and white gauges are just a few of the unique features this particular Lada currently has.

One very interesting detail of this project are the small pockets that are attached to the front door panels. The same is seen on the back of the front seats, and the cabin even has small Nappa leather pillows for the rear passengers. The team of customizing cars from Bulgaria took 4 months to complete this cheap Lada car. Unfortunately, no one can order it, because according to the local media, it’s just a unique souvenir product.

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