LEF 3-wheel electric scooter Introducing – Funny look

The 3-wheel LEF electric vehicle is a somewhat bizarre and interesting invention, but difficult to apply widely in the world. The vehicle is currently only legal in the Netherlands, where it is classified as an electric bike.

Throughout the history of modern world, urban transport has undergone many changes, and now according to some opinion, it needs to change again. Cities in many countries are becoming more crowded, polluted, and difficult to travel. Thus, a company from the Netherlands is looking to the past for inspiration for the future. They have launched a 3-wheel electric scooter to bridge the gap between cars and motorcycles. That model was called the electric 3-wheel LEF.

The electric LEF vehicle is a product of EV Mobility company and the invention of Erik Vegt and Dave Goudeket. Currently, the LEF is only legal for road trips in the Netherlands, where it is classified as an electric bicycle. It looks like a velomobile (a form of bike / car hybrid vehicle) or a self-contained bike, but it’s actually all-electric and you don’t need to pedal to get a drive.

The LEF is a 3-wheeled vehicle with a closed cabin made of recycled polyethylene, thereby enhancing the agility of the bike and the comfort of an automobile. Of course, the second part is only relative. The designer’s idea is that it provides a certain amount of protection against the natural elements so you don’t have to move around wet or get dust in your eyes and mouth, and even have storage space. small in the back for your personal belongings or groceries.

EV Mobility offers LEF with 3 different battery clusters, depending on user needs: 10 Ah for 30 km, 20 Ah for 60 km, and 30 Ah for up to 90 km. The LEF also focuses on safety, with integrated LEDs at the front and rear and turn signals. If desired, the car can be equipped with both side mirrors and windshield wipers for an additional fee.

Inside the cabin, you’ll have a display of important information and a USB connector for charging the phone and a retractable handlebar for easy entry into the car, as well as the ability to find the driving position. best suited to me. Power comes from a 1,000-watt motor in the rear wheel, which will take you to a maximum allowable speed of 25 km / h.

Other obvious advantages include the ability to charge from a home outlet, a maximum payload of 200 kg, protection from the factors mentioned above, and the fact that anyone over the age of 16 can. operate it without a driver’s license. Moreover, EV Mobility also offers this electric car model in many different colors, to meet the aesthetic needs of some people.

Conversely, the LEF also has disadvantages like only 3 wheels, and like every other 3-wheeler in history, balance is not its advantage.

In addition, the speed limit means that the LEF can only move in the bicycle lane. Moving in an air-conditioned closed space also means that the occupants will be “stewed” in hot summer.

Perhaps the biggest downside to the LEF is that it is only available in the Netherlands at the moment. LEF electric car prices start at 4,380 Euro. With this money, buyers can find a genuine electric bike or a used car with cool air conditioning.

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