Lexus officially introduced the luxury off-road vehicle concept called ROV

After showing off this exciting concept for the first time at a press conference video in October, Lexus has now shared more detailed, official images.

Outside of the LX series, Lexus is not a name known for off-road models, but the Japanese luxury car brand has now officially introduced a hydrogen fuel-powered 2-seater off-road concept car. It’s called the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle, or ROV for short.

The ROV uses a 1.0-liter internal combustion engine that burns hydrogen fuel, not regular gasoline. Lexus claims that this powertrain allows for the traditional sound of an internal combustion engine but produces virtually no emissions – it produces only a “negligible amount” of oil burning while driving. The vehicle is equipped with a high-pressure tank that holds hydrogen and a special injector to put fuel into the combustion chamber.

Although Lexus did not mention this in the official announcement of the ROV, the concept’s hydrogen combustion technology could come from parent company Toyota. Rumor has it that a production version of this engine could go on sale as early as 2025.

The ROV blends Lexus design elements with the traditional look of a “side-by-side” off-road vehicle. The shape of the front fascia incorporates features from the spindle grille and L-shaped steering lights. The suspension has an exposed position, and you can even see the anti-roll bar mounting points. wire through the holes in the bonnet. The photos here also show the wheels protruding from the bodywork, and a removable Lexus-branded windshield.

Viewing the ROV from the side gives the clearest view of the corrugated body panels and dark bronze finish. For enhanced illumination, it has an LED light bar attached to the front of the roof. An anti-roll frame also helps to better protect occupants. On the other hand, the rear view also provides a great view of the suspension. The rear end has a single exhaust in the center position, and similar to the headlights, the taillights are also L-shaped.

Inside the cabin, the ROV is equipped with a clock cluster that combines a large analog tachometer and a digital display. The sports steering wheel is wrapped in synthetic leather and has rear gearshift paddles. The dash has switches for the light bars and interior lights. The gear shifter has simple Drive, Neutral, and Reverse positions. The rotary buttons on the center console will control the driving mode and operating the headlights. In addition, the cabin also has synthetic leather sport seats, and 4-point seat belts.

There’s no indication that Lexus will actually put the ROV into production. However, it is interesting that this is how the brand introduces hydrogen combustion engine technology.

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