LG suddenly revealed the Vision Omnipod – The versatile, comfortable minivan concept of the future

The LG Vision Omnipod provides a comfortable, multi-functional space with exciting AI assistant features for passengers.
Minivans like the Chrysler Pacifica and Honda Odyssey are both a small but essential segment of the auto industry’s overall picture. Now, in a surprising move, electronics technology company LG also seems to want to enter the “person-carrying vehicle” segment with a new concept model called Vision Omnipod. Unveiled at CES 2022, this stylish minivan is presented as an innovative transportation solution with an intelligent AI interface that will make you feel comfortable on the go.

In terms of looks, the LG Vision Omnipod is designed to be a bold, futuristic stylish vehicle with a boxy look that combines striking lines. The car becomes even more impressive with the current two-tone bac and black paintwork, plus the presence of a set of fancy black wheels.

Once inside, passengers will be greeted by a spacious interior, fully equipped with large seats, utility surfaces, plenty of storage space and technology screens. Once you’re in the driver’s seat, you’ll look at a wide infotainment screen that shows some of the Vision Omnipod’s information and control system.
However, the most impressive point in this concept is LG’s new AI system mascot. Her name is Reah, and she’s been programmed to be a powerful virtual assistant, covering several different cabin themes. First, she’s been programmed with a useful sequence of stretches, allowing you to do a warm-up to make sure to keep your blood flowing.
Not only that, the Vision Omnipod has been designed to be a comprehensive solution that can meet all your daily needs. According to LG, it is possible to act as a mobile office, a movie theater with drinks and snacks available, a personal shopping mall with many convenient virtual retail stores, and a shopping mode. camping especially in case you want to shut down and enjoy the views and sounds of nature in the virtual world.
In order to completely immerse passengers in the cabin, even the floor of the car is fitted with a screen so that the entire space of the cabin can be adjusted to the desired passenger theme. Once they get too tired from all this activity, the Vision Omnipod can go into Sleep Mode with the lights dimmed and the chair shaping itself into a bed. While this product is proving to be interesting, LG has yet to confirm its plans to put it into production.

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