Mansory Gronos Evo S P900 – The premium G63 shows people that the standard car is “too ordinary”

Mansory Gronos Evo S P900 will be one of the rarest Mercedes-AMG G63 versions when it is limited to 10 units.

If the Mercedes-AMG G63 is “too ordinary” for your tastes, then there are a number of tuning companies willing to create something even more striking. Perhaps the most famous of them all is Brabus, the German company that turns luxury Mercedes vehicles into “rockets for the street”. One of their recent creations is the 900 Rocket Edition. With 900 hp and 1,049 Nm of peak torque, it’s incredibly powerful.

Not to be outdone, Mansory has just announced its own 900 Rocket Edition level. With the same horsepower as Brabus but with more torque (about 1,200 Nm of peak torque), Mansory’s Gronos Evo S P900 is even more powerful. Mansory has not said how fast this model can go, but we can believe it will be able to accelerate from 0-96 km / h significantly faster than the standard G63’s 4.5 seconds time.

However, these impressive numbers are not the most remarkable point in the Gronos Evo S P900. In true Mansory style, the exterior of this luxury SUV looks very aggressive and impressive. Mansory has added a widebody kit to the G63 plus yellow light strips, but the details of the rear spoiler and air intake on the bonnet probably don’t really match the original luxury.

In addition, Mansory also uses a lot of cast carbon fiber materials, applying them on nearly every body panel, including on the large wheels. Thanks to that, this version really has a characteristic appearance and will stand out in the G-Class sea. Mansory says that customers will be able to personalize their Gronos Evo S P900 in a variety of shades.

Inside, things are unfortunately not much nicer than the standard G63. Every surface in the cabin is covered with luxurious soft leather, but it is finished in a rather gaudy orange color. Fortunately, customers can choose to decorate the cockpit in more elegant colors. Metallic details found in the cabin have also been treated to orange and look almost bronze. Perhaps if combined with a mostly dark space, they will create a nicer contrast.

Mansory did not disclose the specific cost of each Gronos Evo S P900, but will build a limit of 10 units for wealthy customers in the Middle East.

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