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Mazda CX-3 Australia Introducing, the 100th Anniversary Special Edition and Maxx Sport LE- 2022

Mazda has added two special versions to the 2021 Mazda CX-3. These are the special edition 100th Anniversary Special Edition and Maxx Sport LE.

The body, Mazda Australia has just released a new version of the CX-3 model. The 2021 Mazda CX-3 is upgraded with additional equipment, and has 2 new versions, 100th Anniversary Special Edition and Maxx Sport LE.

The CX-3 100th Anniversary Special Edition is built on the Akari FWD version. The car has Snowflake White Pearl paint on the outside, while the interior uses Burgundy. This color scheme is similar to Mazda’s first passenger car.

The Maxx Sport LE version has a similar exterior design to the other CX-3 versions. The different highlights are inside the car such as suede seats combined with Pure White Maztek white leather details.

All versions of the 2021 CX-3 are equipped with newly designed seats, an Apple CarPlay-compatible entertainment system and Android Auto. Safety technology as standard also features pedestrian detection and automatic lights.

The Maxx Sport and Maxx Sport LE versions get an automatic anti-glare rearview mirror, while the Touring version adds automatic headlight control and lane departure warning. The 2021 Mazda CX-3 also has an optional Polymetal Gray Metallic exterior color option.

Mazda equips the new CX-3 with a 2.0-liter SkyActiv engine, producing 147 horsepower and 195 Nm of peak torque. Power is transmitted to the wheels through a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic. FWD and AWD are available with two drivetrain options.

The starting price of the 2021 CX-3 in Australia is $ 22,890 for the Neo Sport FWD version of the floor, the 100th Anniversary Special Edition has the highest selling price, up to $ 37,690.

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