Mazibuko M1B – African electric pick-up model with the goal of confronting Tesla Cybertruck

The market for electric pickup trucks is becoming more and more crowded, and it seems that every new model uses the Tesla Cybertruck as the first target to beat.

Since the Tesla Cybertruck was first announced, the world of electric pickup trucks has exploded with new rivals for a car that doesn’t really exist yet. Looking back around, we have seen which are the Rivian R1T, the GMC Hummer, and more recently the unofficial model from Canoo. But it doesn’t seem like there are enough electric trucks in the world, and now an African company wants to break into this extremely potential market.

Mazibuko Motor Company is building their first pure electric car, called the M1B, and claims it will be able to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in less than 5 seconds with a travel distance of about 400 km. These are bold claims from the South African company, but Mazibuko is taking help from a big name in the industry.

Foxconn, which currently makes the Apple iPhone, has partnered with the new electric vehicle company to develop an open-source electric vehicle chassis, called the MiH EV Open Platform. This means that even if the pickup model M1B did not go into production, Mazibuko could still be successful as a parts supplier.

As a result, Mazibuko Motor Company joined the MIH Alliance, which includes reputable partners such as Amazon Web Services, Arm, CATL, DANA, Eaton, Microsoft, and more. This new open source chassis is likely to be the same one used for the M1B, and while no prototypes have been produced yet, the specs stated above look pretty impressive.

Initially, Mazibuko Motor Company once claimed that the M1B will produce a maximum capacity of 670 hp and 1,300 Nm of maximum torque with a range of about 400 km as mentioned above, thanks to a 120 kWh battery cluster. But this information may no longer be accurate or will change. In general, if the M1B were put into favorable production, we will hear about it in the near future with more specific information.

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