Meet the Arrival Car – An electric car with a spacious interior, ideal for ride-hailing services

The Arrival Car is an electric vehicle purposefully designed for ride-hailing, and even features Uber drivers in collaboration.

London-based electric car maker Arrival, UK, has recently shared the first images of the Arrival Car, an electric vehicle designed in collaboration with Uber drivers for the ride-hailing industry. car. It is a working prototype complete with large glass surfaces, and very spacious cabin space.

In just over 6 months, Arrival was able to build the car and turn it into a fully functional prototype with the help of Uber. The company is able to do this by skillfully leveraging its experience and pre-developed electric vehicle chassis for previous projects, including Van and Bus.

The new product, the Arrival Car, looks like it has the shape of a minivan. While Arrival hasn’t released the specs for the car yet, the company claims that it’s purpose-built to withstand high mileage, and offers a cost-effective alternative for users. Moreover, it has an amazing interior space. Arrival points out that even if the Car’s overall dimensions are on par with the Volkswagen Golf, rear-passenger legroom is actually larger than in a Rolls-Royce.

The rear part of the car has been designed to provide a lot of space but can also expand further. If necessary, the front passenger seat can be folded down, and moved under the dash for more luggage space. Not only that, the large windows make the interior seem to blend in with the exterior. The rear trunk of the car can fit two large suitcases or two small suitcases and a folding bike.

At the front, the driver will benefit from a large windshield, providing a wide view of the road. The dashboard of Arrival Car has a simple design, easy to use for everyone. The driver can control the car with a 2-spoke steering wheel with buttons on the sides. Right behind the steering wheel is a phone holder. The car also does not have a traditional instrument cluster, instead there is a central infotainment screen to handle everything.

As a vehicle dedicated to ride-hailing services, Arrival Car focuses on cost, uptime, driver comfort, safety and convenience. The company wants this model to work best in urban areas, where the majority of customers use ride-hailing services. The British electric car maker has yet to provide any details on the powertrain or battery pack about the car, nor when it will officially launch this product on the market.

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