Mercedes-AMG One before the launch – Supercar 1.6L engine is more than 1000 horsepower.

Mercedes has teased the Mercedes-AMG One ahead of the launch. The Mercedes-AMG F1 supercar project, Project One, is in the final stage of completion.

Short 43-second video shows the Mercedes-AMG One operating on the track with the familiar silver-red camouflage layer similar to the appearance with the F1 2020 champion Lewis Hamilton in December last year.

“I still can’t believe there is a supercar on the market that uses an F1 racing engine,” said Hamilton. “We (the Mercedes team) had the final win in the 2015 season thanks to the engine on the One and I have been involved in the development of this engine for a long time. One driver and especially proud of the efforts that Mercedes-AMG put into new supercar. This is indeed a unique project rare in the global supercar village “.

The 1.6 liter V6 engine on the Mercedes-AMG One has been with Lewis Hamilton for six seasons he won the season championship. Engine capacity of over 1,000 horsepower, the maximum number of revolutions hit 11,000 rpm – slightly lower than the original used on pure F1 racing car. The maximum speed of the Mercedes-AMG One is expected to fall to 350 km / h. The above motor support is an electric multi-motor system.

Mercedes-AMG’s F1 supercar was originally scheduled to be completed by mid-2020 but is postponed indefinitely as the branch says nothing about when they may begin handing over. Only 250 One has been produced.

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