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All New Mercedes-AMG GLE is as beautiful as the Maybach thanks to Hofele

Recently, Hofele has launched HGLE version based on the sporty SUV GLE Coupe. This version has impressed with the sporty style combined with the same luxury as the Mercedes-Maybach.

With packages from outside brands like Hofele, Mercedes-Benz luxury SUVs that have not been upgraded through Maybach can still have an extremely luxurious look and interior with high-level details. level, giving great feeling to the passengers on the car. This is also one of the differences that Hofele makes for the car when the brand can create a personalized version specifically according to the preferences of the owner.

Hofele also fitted the Mercedes GLE 53 Coupe version a grille with a design similar to the Panamericana grille on the coupe SUV as well as chrome details surrounding the air vents in the front bumper. The rear bumper is also redesigned with a new exhaust with a new diffuser. On this car, Hofele has fitted a 22-inch set of wheels called Mythos with a thin multi-spoke design that is carefully milled and detailed.

For interior compartments, Hofele offers customers “an almost limitless choice of colors, design details as well as stitches”.

The tuner can completely upgrade the interior with Alcantara leather in the style of AMG models or completely redesign the interior of the interior to the liking of the owner.

To suit the preferences of the customer, the Bespoke Ultimate series of interior enhancements provide the highest quality materials used to equip and decorate the details of the interior compartment, giving the interior of the vehicle. a significantly more impressive beauty than the original.

The interior compartment of this GLE 53 Coupe-based super luxury HGLE Coupe is mated to the HGLE Coupe that was launched about three months ago with red and black premium leather, carefully embroidered with details. providing a feeling of luxury like the Mercedes-Maybach produced by the German car brand.

However, this version will retain the same engine as well as performance. Mercedes GLE 53 Coupe is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine capacity of 3.0 liter with the ability to produce capacity up to 453 horsepower.

The car is equipped with mild-hybrid EQ Boost technology with an electric motor that can deliver up to 22 horsepower instantly. Vehicles using AMG TCT 9-speed gearbox and 4-wheel drive system full time.

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