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Design preview of the new generation Mercedes-Benz GLC

The best-selling model of the German car brand – Mercedes-Benz GLC – is about to be “released” with many design changes.
Mercedes-Benz is very quiet about its important model by hiding the design of the new GLC under a careful camouflage layer. To help fans get a look at the design of the new generation Mercedes-Benz GLC, has created a complete design sketch for this very popular SUV.

The sketch of shows that the next-generation Mercedes-Benz GLC will have a new look with many changes compared to its predecessor and is heavily influenced by the C-Class.

In fact, both the GLC and the C-Class are based on the Modular Rear Architecture platform. Therefore, the fact that these two models share some design elements is not too surprising. The new platform will likely make the new GLC lighter than its predecessor, while the chassis is stiffer.

The new GLC’s tail continues to share the same C-Class design style with similar trapezoidal taillights. Other highlights include a new bumper and dual sport exhaust.

With the new chassis platform, the new generation Mercedes-Benz GLC is expected to add electrified drive options. The new GLC drivetrain will also switch to a four-cylinder engine, including the flagship AMG variant.

There are no sketches of the interior design of the next-generation Mercedes-Benz GLC but will likely be inspired by the new C-Class as well. That means the GLC can get the big S-Class infotainment screen and a separate display for the gauge cluster. The GLC is the best-selling car of the 3-pointed star brand in 2020. The new generation of this SUV is expected to be released in late 2021 or early 2022.

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