Mini electric car Toyota C + pod Intoducing, priced at $ 16,000 – 2022

The small electric car model named Toyota C + pod has just been launched in Japan. The model costs $ 16,000 and uses a permanent magnet electric motor.

Regarding the new urban car in Japan, the Toyota C + pod is currently only sold to businesses, local governments and other organizations, however, by 2020, individual customers will also be able to buy this model.

The C + pod is 2,490 mm long, 1,290 mm wide and 1,550 mm high, with a 1,780 mm wheelbase, the Toyota C + pod has a minimum turning radius of 3.9 m so it is easy to maneuver on narrow roads. Vehicle uses a permanent magnet electric motor, for a capacity of 12.3 hp and 56 Nm of torque, maximum speed of 60 km / h

Powering this engine is a 9.06 kWh lithium-ion battery pack located under the floor of the vehicle. The C + pod can travel 150km per charge and takes about 5 hours to fully charge the battery with 200V / 16A single-phase power, or about 16 hours with 100V / 6A single-phase power.

Stopping power is provided by disc brakes at the front and rear drums, and by strut coil springs at the front and torsion beam coil springs at the rear. The vehicle is equipped with 13-inch wheels with 155 / 70R13 tires.

The car offers seats for two and comes with amenities such as the air conditioning system, heated seats, electric rearview mirror, center lock and center-mounted digital instrument cluster.

In terms of assist features, the C + pod is equipped with active steering assist features suitable for inner-city travel, and a crash-proof safety system with pedestrian and obstacle detection. day and night obstacles, and cyclist detection during the day.

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