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All New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Review – 2021

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The facelift version of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is focused on upgrading comfort and safety features, and is ambitious to shorten the sales gap with two strong competitors in the segment, Toyota Fortuner and Ford Everest.
Powerful diesel engine, high chassis, 2-wheel drive, many off-road support features … used to be points when comparing 7-seat SUVs with a body-on-frame chassis. . However, the demand for a car is getting stricter. While such models are difficult to make a breakthrough in powertrain upgrades, automakers are starting to consider the SUV not only for difficult off-road travel, but also requires a lot of safety features, technology and modern facilities for daily use. The car can carry family but also meet the job demand.

The Ford Everest is the pioneer model to bring advanced technology into the popular body-on-frame SUV segment. In 2019, Everest made a remarkable breakthrough in sales. The debut facelift Fortuner started to add interior comfort and some notable active safety features in response. Pajero Sport also chose the same direction as the Fortuner, but “played bigger” with many safety and comfort features that overwhelmed the competition.

With a series of new upgrades this time, will Mitsubishi’s 7-seater SUV be able to compete and create a sales breakthrough in the coming time? Let us experience the facelift version Pajero Sport 2021 to find the answer more easily.

As a facelift upgrade, the 2021 Pajero Sport keeps the overall design. The car has a length x width x height of 4,825 x 1,815 x 1,835 mm. This length is larger than the Fortuner but shorter than the Everest. 2,800 mm wheelbase. The ground clearance of 218 mm is nearly equivalent to that of rival Fortuner.

The main changes to the Pajero Sport’s appearance are at the front and rear. The front end is more angular with the new Dynamic Shield grille. Full LED lighting system (can change the projection angle) combines slim daytime LED and LED fog lights, LED tail lights to create a modern look. New design rims, scratched, 2-tone contrasting, size 18 inch, with tires 265 / 60R18. The rear has more sportier spoiler. Folding rearview mirror adjustment and electric.

Likewise, the new Pajero Sport’s cabin still offers a familiar look. The car has only a dark interior, no bright color options. This is also a change on other Mitsubishi models such as Xpander or Outlander.

Looking closely, it can be seen that the interior has made major changes. Traditional mechanical instrument clusters change to an 8-inch digital touchscreen to display more diverse information. 8-inch central touchscreen, support for Apple CarPlay / Android Auto connectivity, voice control. Sound system 6 speakers. The rest of the equipment remains the same as the engine start button, electronic handbrake and automatic brake hold, steering wheel integrated gearshift, automatic air conditioning 2 cooling systems, automatic anti-glare mirror or sunroof. … The Pajero Sport’s air conditioner now includes an air-cleaning feature. The most special feature is the MITSUBISHI REMOTE CONTROL application to control the car remotely via a single phone in the segment.

In this upgrade, the Pajero Sport has removed the petrol engine and only the diesel engine. Typically, diesel is preferred on a body-on-frame 7-seat SUV. The engine of the 2021 Pajero Sport remains unchanged. The 2.4-liter 4-cylinder machine has a capacity of 181 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque, combined with an 8-speed automatic. The car has a Super Select 4WD-II 2-wheel drive system on the highest version. New in the drive system is the rear differential lock feature.

To provide a more distinctive driving experience, Mitsubishi brings up the 2021 Pajero Sport a host of new safety features included in the e-Assist package, including blind spot warning, Forward Collision Mitigation, cross vehicle warning, lane change support, unintended acceleration, automatic adaptive throttle system … The new upgrade adds a 360-degree camera that visually displays multiple angles on the screen.

Positive changes in technology make Pajero Sport prevail over Fortuner in this category. However, the Mitsubishi SUV has not yet surpassed the Everest when considering the entire advanced safety system as well as the comfort inside the cabin. However, this is still a significant upgrade on the Pajero Sport, helping this model become the “king of technology” in the segment.

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