Mitsubishi Outlander Introducing 2022|using Nissan engines.

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The Mitsubishi Outlander 2022 will share the same engine with the new generation Nissan X-Trail.

Mitsubishi will not launch new models in Europe or the UK market. Instead, the company will focus on traditional markets that have strengths and potential for growth, including North America. The new generation of the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV will play an important role in the Japanese brand’s development strategy.

Previous information shows that the 2022 Outlander, expected to be released in a few months, will share the same platform with the new generation Nissan X-Trail (Nissan Rogue in the US market).

A recently revealed photo shows the Outlander 2022 similar in size to the new X-Trail. Of course, the Outlander 2022 still carries some typical Mitsubishi designs.

According to the filing that Mitsubishi submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA), 2022 Outlander will use 2.5L 4-cylinder engine of the new X-Trail. This engine produces 188 horsepower.

Compared to the current Outlander’s 2.4L 4-cylinder engine, the new engine has 22 hp (up 13%) more. And like the X-Trail, both engines come with either the two-wheel drive system or the AWD.

Not surprisingly, Mitsubishi chose the above engine because it will save the company quite a lot of costs. The Japanese automaker is focusing resources on an equally important model, the new generation Outlander PHEV.

As one of the best-selling plug-in hybrid models on the market, the Outlander PHEV continues to play an important role in Mitsubishi’s product strategy. This model is said to use a 2.4L engine, with an electric travel distance of over 692 km.

The cost of R&D and testing of this engine alone is already very expensive, but it will make a difference. Nissan will also launch the X-Trail PHEV using engines developed by Mitsubishi.

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