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New Mitsubishi Triton has an extra package of camping accessories

The Mitsubishi Triton pickup model has an extra package for long trips such as tents, awnings, and water supplies.

The Mitsubishi Triton pickup model (also known as L200 in some markets) has just added an accessory package for the expedition or camping.

New equipment on this model includes bed, gas stove, sink, 12-liter water tank, 12V power connector and cutlery tray. The price of these items is 4,270 USD.

Mitsubishi’s pickup model also adds a larger roof rack, enough to add an extra tent and awning. Other equipment includes a lockable roll cover and an expandable storage bin for $ 2,311, a reinforced frame in the rear cargo box for $ 1,130.

The Mitsubishi Triton is tweaked to cater to those who are passionate about camping. There is also a GT Pick Up ($ 4,044) inflatable tent on the car, measuring 140 x 220 cm. When not in use, this tent can be folded up and sits neatly on the top.

In addition, the fenders are also enlarged by 30 mm per side (priced at $ 1,144), making the car look more sturdy. The car is equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels, priced at $ 3,231.

Mitsubishi also offers an optional package to make the Triton comfortable as a mobile home, including water supply, outdoor shower, 230V cooling box and solar panels. Under the engine bonnet is fitted with a firmer frame. The pricing of these upgrades has yet to be announced.

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