Monarch – Intelligent self-driving, electric tractor

The Monarch electric self-driving tractor is designed and equipped with the world’s smartest technology. This is considered an ideal friend of the farmer and the natural environment.

The revolution using electric vehicles is spreading day by day in the world of public transport. Now, this trend is also beginning to spread to the agricultural sector, and a company wants to be at the forefront of the movement to “greener” the agricultural machines that are consuming petroleum in the given fields. The new Monarch tractor launch.

Recently, Monarch, a company in Livermore, California, USA, introduced a completely electric tractor model. They confidently declare that “this is the smartest, most self-driving, electric tractor in the world”, and can save a common farmer $ 45 in fuel costs per day.

Monarch may appear compact in appearance, but do not underestimate its power. The electric powertrain of the car is capable of delivering 40 hp continuously, and in a short period of time, reaching a maximum of 70 hp. Although he did not specify the amount of torque, but Monarch claims it is twice as powerful as a typical general tractor in its class.

It is capable of transferring all of the effort to a PTO (Power Take-Off) unit that connects to existing accessories such as a cutter or plow. In a video introducing this groundbreaking machine, Monarch also mentioned the possibility that its generator could support a moderately sized welding machine. The small spacing between the wheels also allows it to easily navigate through the vineyards and various close-up crops without problems.

Monarch claims the machine has a run time of more than 10 hours, and the battery will be recharged in 4-5 hours. When fully charged, the electric tractor has a lift of about 1 ton with a three-point latch in the back. All-wheel drive is optional, making this agile machine fit for a wide variety of terrain.

In particular, the Monarch 2021 tractor is capable of unmanned operation, recognizing people and livestock that might be blocking its way. It can also recognize gestures from the operator standing in front of it when traveling at low speeds, turning and stopping when instructed. All of these features are in Gesture and Shadow modes, allowing Monarch to follow a worker on the job, while also carrying logistics or tools.

Ultimately, Monarch says it has developed its electric tractors with a goal of 20 years or more of continuous service. That’s admirable, and not just for battery-powered machinery. The price of the Monarch tractor is $ 50,000, and it will be manufactured at Livermore at this time.

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