New Alpha Jax – American all-terrain electric vehicle from $ 38,000

Alpha Jax 2021’s brand new California electric vehicle startup is called Alpha. This is a stylish electric crossover that will soon reach consumers.

In December of last year, a brand new California electric car startup called Alpha suddenly introduced its first model called Ace, a small urban electric car with a classic style. spectacular. Now, the brand has revealed another new product with the same classic style called the new Alpha Jax 2021. This is an electric crossover built on the same chassis as the Ace and incorporates “versatile performance on the road, durability and clean power”.

Currently still in concept form, the name Alpha Jax is the abbreviation for the phrase “junior all-terrain crossover”, through which it is possible that Alpha will offer many SUVs. Bigger and stronger in the future. Jax uses the same chassis structure as the 2-door Ace model, and is designed with a 75 kWh battery cluster.

It may seem small, but the Alpha Jax is 4,560 mm long and 1,930 mm wide, similar in size to the previous generation Subaru Forester. The interior of the car has 4 seats for adults, and the total storage space is up to 1,769 liters. In other words, it’s a compact, yet spacious and comfortable crossover.

Alpha envisions the new electric vehicle coming in two versions: with a single-motor powertrain or with a more sophisticated AWD system. In the latter case, it has a pull force of up to 839 kg and accelerates from 0-96 km / h in about 6.5 seconds. The travel distance of a full charge of the battery pack is expected to be 250 miles (402 km).

Alpha says it designed Jax for “consumers looking for powerful all-wheel drive performance with zero carbon emissions”.

At the moment it is still being considered a concept concept but Alpha says it has started taking orders soon.

For the time being, the company hasn’t revealed the details of its actual production plans, but prices for the Alpha Jax will start at $ 38,000 when it goes on sale.

Alpha plans to start delivering electric cars to American customers as early as 2023, so people still have plenty of time to decide.

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