New generation Lada Niva -Stronger and more Off Road Ability

The new generation Lada Niva SUV is said to have a strong design and excellent off-road capabilities. The model will also be more compact than the current version.

Talking about Russian cars, Lada is a Russian car brand belonging to AvtoVAZ, which was established in 1973. Currently AvtoVAZ is owned by French car group Renault, so since January 2021, Lada has is merged with the Dacia brand to form a strategic business unit Lada-Dacia.

According to the plan, Lada has announced that it will launch 4 brand new models from now until 2025. One of them has a new generation of the cult SUV Niva, expected to be released in 2024.

According to the manufacturer, Lada also announced the sketch images of the new generation Niva. The new Lada Niva will be developed on the CMF-B platform which is also currently used in many models such as the Renault Logan, Renault Sandero, Renault Clio, Renault Captur, Nissan Juke and Nissan Note.

Through the official sketch images released by Lada, it can be seen that the new generation Niva will possess a compact, aggressive design and promise good off-road capabilities. Because it is a sketch, Lada Niva is equipped with an oversized rim.

In addition, the Lada Niva 2024 is also equipped with many modern design details such as an L-shaped daytime positioning LED strip and a turn indicator located above the bonnet. Add to that the round headlight cluster, thicker bumpers and embossed “Niva” stamp between the grille. Both the grille and the center air cavity come with a honeycomb mesh. Meanwhile, the front bumper integrates two tow hooks for the right off-road quality.

Unlike the current Lada Niva, this model is equipped with 4 doors instead of 2 doors. In particular, the rear door of the car will not use traditional door handles, but can be placed on the column like a Nissan Juke.

There are no design pictures behind and inside the Lada Niva 2024. Information about the powertrain, technology and price of the car is also kept confidential.

Lada currently leads the Russian auto market with a market share of more than 20% thanks to models like Granta and Vesta. The brand has been a part of Renault since 2008 when the French car group bought a stake in Avtovaz.

Within the Renault group, Lada and Dacia will continue to be two separate companies with products sharing the same platform. Together, Lada and Dacia are expected to produce more than 1 million cars using the CMF-B platform. As a result, the Renault Group can reduce the number of undercarriage facilities and body designs used for vehicles to save costs.

At the same time, the Renault group also intends to unleash the full potential of both Lada and Dacia, turning them into two international brands.

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