Nissan Navara AU Introducing – 2022

Nissan Navara 2021 starts from 33,890 Australian dollars. In the Australian market, Navara 2021 features a window that is considered to be rare on the sell-sized semi-semi-selling line in Southeast Asia.

In the Australian market, Nissan Navara 2021 has been sold a total of 3 different configurations including: single cabin, double cabin and King CAB configuration. Cars with 4 versions with different equipment and decorations include the most advanced SL, ST, ST-X and PRO-4X.

Nissan Navara 2021 SL version has a selling price starting from 33,890 AUD, while the remaining two versions include ST and ST-X priced at 50,990 AUD and 57,290 AUD. The most advanced PRO-X version has a starting price from 61,290 AUD.

In the Australian market, all versions of the Nissan Navara 2021 pickup are equipped with a new 7-inch control clock clock, accompanied by analog clocks. The entertainment system uses an 8-inch touch screen that supports connecting to Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Digital radio is a standard equipped for the ST version with the lowest price, ST-X mid-range version is equipped with leather seats. In premium PRO-4X version has more time gray cement (Stealth Gray).

The most advanced PRO-4X interior (in the picture is the floor number) is embroidered with the pro-4x logo in a chair and the line only sewing colors. In order to keep up with the opponents in the middle-sized pickup segment, more and more “toys” are safe and supports modern driving, Nissan has brought the latest technology and driver support to Navara 2021

Similar to Thailand, Navara 2021 uses a dual-volto 4cyl oil engine (YS23DDTT). In the premium version, the dual turbocharger engine has a maximum capacity of 190 horsepower at the 3,750 rpm and maximum 450 nm torque at the rings of 1,500 – 2,500 Reason / minute.

While lower versions use single turbochargers (single turbo) for 161 horsepower capacity and maximum torque of 403nm.

Depending on the version, Navara 2021 is equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox and a 7-speed automatic transmission (7AT). The car comes with the following bridge drive (SL) and two bridges on the remaining versions.

Currently, Nissan Navara 2021 pickup has been sold in markets including Thailand and Australia. Similar to the old version, Navara 2021 is also produced at the factory in Thailand.

In the near future, Navara 2021 will soon be returned to Nissan’s new distributor in Vietnam to compete with many competitors in the middle-sized pickup segment like Ford Ranger or Toyota Hilux.

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