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Nissan Ariya Introducing 2021 – brand new 5-seater SUV, smaller than the X-Trail.

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Modern, eye-catching design and quality powertrain, Nissan Ariya will be a formidable name in the pure electric SUV segment.

Nissan’s plan to return to a lucrative trajectory includes 10 new product lines launched in the next 20 months and one of the first to debut is the all-electric Ariya SUV very quickly after the X-Trail / Rogue. recently presented.

The finished Nissan Ariya design adheres to the direction set by the concept that debuted at the Tokyo exhibition in October last year and marked a spectacular transformation from the old design language that was somewhat outdated of the Japanese brand. Dynamic and sporty standing, elegant lines, contrasting 2-tone textures and neat, rounded surfaces create an impressive overall not usually seen in the mainstream car segment.

To maximize the competitiveness of Ariya, Nissan has equipped the car with a variety of configurations suitable for many different prices. Vehicles can use both front-wheel drive and 2-wheel drive with single or double electric motor structure. The version uses a single motor on the front axle with a capacity of 215 hp, 300 Nm of torque while the two-wheel-drive AWD version carries 389 hp, 600 Nm of torque.

Thanks to its electric vehicle nature, Ariya is capable of very good acceleration when it only takes 5.1 seconds to reach 100 km / h from stationary (AWD version). The maximum operating range of the car is approximately 500 km thanks to the 90 kWh battery, it is not clear how the 65 kWh battery has the parameter

The only downside of the Ariya AWD compared to the FWD is that the rear luggage compartment volume is slightly affected by the electric motor below.

Ariya cabins have a unique seating configuration of 2 rows of 5 seats. The dashboard features two large 12.3-inch screens that support wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto and impressive third-party features like the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant, along with the ability to upgrade remotely. via the first Internet connection in Nissan history.

Nissan Ariya will officially open widely worldwide from mid 2021 with an expected starting price of 40,000 USD.

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