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Nissan GT-R (X) 2050 – Super car concept, drivers must lie down to drive.

The Nissan GT-R (X) 2050 will probably never make its way into a Nissan production line, but it is a very unique design.

Nissan designers are focusing on the future, and this is clearly reflected in a few new products like the Ariya electric crossover and the upcoming Z Proto sports car. But these two models are just the top in terms of design. Recently, Nissan Design America Vice President David Woodhouse, and former Nissan designer, Jaebum “JB” Choi, unveiled a special concept that gives us an early glimpse into the distant future of the brand. brand.

Called the Nissan GT-R (X) 2050, JB Choi drew the initial sketches and renderings of the concept while still a student at the ArtCenter College of Design. That led him to an internship at Nissan Design America, and eventually, the company decided to develop the full-size model as we see it here.

Measuring 3 meters long and only about 60 cm high, the low-grounded GT-R (X) concept looks more like a “4-wheeled superbike” than a traditional supercar. But it does borrow some recognizable features from Nissan, such as a V-shaped head and four round taillights. But what really separates this concept from any other supercar is the driving position.

To be able to ride the GT-R (X), the driver will lie on his stomach, with the head on the front axle, and the arms and legs at each corner – a position that makes them feel like they’re flying on the road. . The driver will also need to wear a special suit that includes a helmet for the connection between the brain and the car, a futuristic concept that Nissan has hinted at in the past. Choi imagined his GT-R (X) would be a “wearable machine”, something akin to a futuristic “exoskeleton” armor.

“Today’s exoskeleton sets make people stronger by wearing mechanical structures. I tried to fit as much a body as possible, as if I were wearing a car, ”says Choi. “I want to create a new kind of machine that is not a means of transportation, it is a space where machines and people merge.”

Obviously, this concept will never make it to the production line of Nissan. Anyway, here’s an insight into what the Japanese car brand hopes to achieve in the far future.

As for Choi, his internship with Nissan Design America ended earlier this year. However, the company was so impressed with his GT-R (X) idea and the story behind it, that he is now working full-time at the studio. So we can expect even more amazing designs from this young man in the future.

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