Novitec launches an upgrade package for the Ferrari 812 GTS convertible supercar

In addition to the Ferrari 812 Superfast package, Novitec has just released a version for the 812 GTS convertible.

Unlike the N-Largo version, which will completely change the exterior, this version only refines some exterior details as well as interferes with the performance of the car. Tailors also allow customers to buy each accessory individually, depending on their individual needs.

The exterior of the 812 GTS is offered by Novitec 10 upgrade options such as front and rear bumper, aerodynamic air slots, exterior rearview mirror earlocks, side cladding, cap rims, side aerodynamic wing after… All made from carbon fiber with 2 different criss-cross pattern options.

Similar to the 812 Superfast package, the Ferrari 812 GTS also gets an upgraded sports suspension, which helps the car’s body lower by 35 mm. In order to help the car overcome the speed bumps, Novitec also equipped with a hydraulic front wheel height adjustment system.

With this feature, the driver can raise the front of the car 40 mm higher with just one button. In addition, this system can also automatically lower the standard level when the car runs at speeds above 80 km / h.

To make the 812 GTS stand out more, Novitec teamed up with Vossen to come up with three models of the wheel with central locking technology designed specifically for this package. With the 275 / 30R21 for the front wheel and 335 / 25R22 for the rear, Vossen also offers 48 color options for customers when choosing to order this wheel.

In terms of performance, the 800 hp and 718 Nm of the standard 812 GTS version will be increased to 840 hp and 751 Nm by Novitec. To achieve this strength, the tuning company from Germany has supplied the new central control unit Novitec Techtronic and Switchtronic.

The exhaust system is also upgraded to maximize the capabilities of the new central controller. Novitec offers 6 options, including the exhaust neck with the option to remove the exhaust sensor, the newly designed 110mm exhaust with the optional volume control butterfly …

Launched in September 2019, the Ferrari 812 GTS is a convertible version of the 812 Superfast. This is also the first convertible model to have a Ferrari V12 pre-order engine in the past 50 years, if not including special versions for VIP customers.

The car has an electric hard top, which can open / close automatically in about 14 seconds even when the car is traveling at a speed of 45 km / h. Ferrari 812 GTS weighs about 75 kg heavier than the 812 Superfast due to a more solid chassis, but the performance parameters remain the same.

Source: Zing

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