Pagurus 2-hull Yacht Model – The Yacht can move on the beach.

Designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini created the Pagurus 2-hull Yacht Model. This yacht can travel on the beach.

Accordingly, Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini has just posted pictures of Pagurus, a concept of two-body yacht (catamaran). In addition to the main compartment structure connecting the two hulls, this yacht is also conceptualized with many unique features and structures.

Initially, Pierpaolo Lazzarini said the idea of ​​designing Pagurus was to create an explorer yacht, capable of both cruising at sea and able to reach the coast.

Pagurus was built as a military vehicle with the ability to operate versatile. However, Lazzarini has redirected its project into a luxury yacht with a spacious cabin for eight users.

This concept model has a design parameter of nearly 25 meters in length, 9.2 meters in overall width and 5.2 meters in overall height. Each hull is 2.2 m wide and has a draft of 1.8 m. The roof above the cabin and 2 hulls are fitted with solar panels to supply more power for the yacht.

The distance between the two hulls is 4.8 m wide, where Pagurus can launch water motorcycles or other private vehicles.

The cockpit is designed to open, connecting with the common space of the main cabin. Depending on the owner, the Pagurus’ compartment can be customized according to different interior styles.

A unique feature in the design of Pagurus is the 4 screw propeller system located along the 2 hulls. Each of these propellers is powered by a powerful 440 hp diesel engine.

The shaft-type propeller mechanism is expected by Lazzarini to help the yacht reach the coast when needed. By design, the power from 4 diesel engines will help Pagurus move on the sand and have safety features to rescue himself if stuck. This is also the reason the name Pagurus was chosen, in Latin, Pagurus means crab.

Ladder system is designed to be able to lift and lower a car. As shown in the image, the Pagurus can carry the Tesla Cybertruck electric vehicle. The tram can be used to travel and picnic on land before being taken back to the cabin.

Carbon material could be the solution to the mass problem if Pagurus were to be put into production. According to estimates, the concept of Lazzarini can be realized at a cost of about 30 million USD.

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