Pickup drivers are the most drunk

Out of 10 people who have committed at least one drunk driving offense, six go to pick up a pickup, according to the latest study.

Insurify – an insurance comparison website – studies more than 2.7 million insurance claims to find out what types of drivers are prone to making drunk driving (DUI) mistakes. The results show that for every 1,000 drivers who make a DUI mistake, 45 drivers go to pick up Ram 2500. The average rate across the US is 17.9 / 1,000.If you include the pickup line, 6 out of 10 drivers who make a DUI mistake will ride a pick-up. Following the highest percentages of riders with Ram 2500 (45.3 / 1,000) were Chevrolet S-10 (35.9), Dodge Dakota (30.5), Ford Ranger (28.9), Chevrolet Silverado ( 28.3) and GMC Sierra (28).

America’s best-selling pickup, the Ford F-150, is not in the top 10 but appears in the top 50.

Also in the top 10, right behind two pickup models Ram 2500 and Chevrolet S-10 is the BMW Series 4, when the drivers of this luxury car have a DUI error rate of 31.7, while the 7 series is in 7th place. Another luxury car is in the top 10 and fourth place is the Audi A4.

The sports model Subaru WRX, at number 6, is not only relevant to drivers who often make DUI errors, but also the fastest speeding car and third on the list of cars most prone to crashes, as well. according to Insurify research.

In the opposite direction, the three models with the least number of drunk drivers are the Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Santa Fe and Toyota Sienna, with only one in 1,000 drivers making a mistake. All three models are not special for families, but are chosen by many families, so the above ratio is understandable when it is least related to drunk driving cases.

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