Pininfarina Battista electric supercar tested before being produced

Pininfarina Battista is a car produced with only 150 units worldwide with a starting price of about 2.2 million USD. Pininfarina Battista is equipped with 4 electric motors with a total capacity of 1,900 horsepower, acceleration 0-100 km / h in less than 2 seconds.

Pininfarina Battista was presented nearly 2 years ago at the Geneva Motor Show 2019. Up to now, the electric supercar manufacturer Automobili Pininfarina is in the final stage of testing before being delivered to customers earlier this year. . Initially, Pininfarina intended to hand over Battista in 2020 but the plan was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is known that Pininfarina Battista is limited to 150 units worldwide with a starting price of about 2.2 million USD. The car is produced by hand at the Pininfarina factory located in Turin, Italy.

Most recently, the engineering team of Automobili Pininfarina brought a Battista prototype to the Nardò racetrack (Italy) for a test run. The driver of the supercar is Nick Heidfeld, a former Formula One (F1) racer. Heidfeld previously also participated in comments to refine the chassis, electronic control system for Battista.

Heidfeld said the prototype was operated with about 80% power but had the power to accelerate beyond his imagination. Stability in cornering at high speeds is very good, but the former F1 driver argued that the prototype’s traction control and torque distribution needed further improvement.

As announced by Pininfarina, Battista is equipped with 4 electric motors, a total capacity of 1,900 horsepower while the maximum torque is up to nearly 2,300 Nm. This parameter allows the electric car to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in less than 2 seconds, faster than an F1 racing car. Acceleration time 0-300 km / h in less than 12 seconds, the theoretical maximum speed can reach 402 km / h.

Pininfarina Battista is one of the high-performance electric cars waiting for customers who are passionate about speed. This segment has been in full bloom in the past few years with a few cult names competing with Pininfarina such as Lotus Evija, Hyperion XP-1, Rimac C_Two, Tesla Roadster …

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