Renault Air4 – Concept launched as a classic flying car of the French

According to Renault’s imagination, the Air4 will be able to fly at a maximum speed of 93.6 km/h, and reach a ceiling height of 700 meters.

The Renault 4L is one of the French marque’s most successful products, with more than 8 million units produced between 1961 and 1992, including one built specifically for the Pope. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of this iconic vehicle, Renault has teamed up with design firm TheArsenale to create a ‘futuristic’ version of the 4L. Under that futuristic mindset, the classic car has now turned into a quadcopter called the Air4.

Renault envisions a distant future world where flying machines are the ultimate solution. “Air4 is a symbol of independence and freedom, born of the awareness that traffic is tight, life is stopping, and the world above us is limitless,” the company said.

The design of the Air4 takes the basic idea of ​​the original car and upgrades the shape to become more modern. The bodywork is now completely made of carbon fiber, while the front has LED lights, including daytime running lights, located along the sides of the grille. The overall lines look softer and curvier than the old boxy 4L model.

The Air4’s thrust comes from a pair of rotors attached to extensions at each corner of the vehicle. The new fuselage is hinged at the front to give the driver (the pilot to be exact) easy access to the cockpit. Renault envisions this flying car will use a 90,000 mAh battery, providing a maximum horizontal speed of 93.6 km / h. The highest possible altitude will be 700 meters.

The Air4 fulfills the promise of the flying car that many people dream of, providing the ability to travel freely in the air and without the worries of regular traffic. Of course, we also have to consider factors like a pilot’s license being a pretty expensive investment, and you probably won’t be able to land it in the grocery store parking lot for your weekly shopping spree.

Either way, the Renault Air4 is simply a show car, and the French company has no intention of putting it into actual production. The Air4 will be on display at the Atelier Renault on the Champs Elysées in Paris, France, from November 29 until the end of the year, and will then be shown in other parts of the world.

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