Replacing the tire with a saw blade, this ‘horror’ bike can glide across the frozen lake

The monstrous product of a creative and disruptive YouTuber.
Those who have played Half Life 2 know the true power of disc saws. For those who do not know, it is a video game that allows gamers to use a giant circular saw blade as a weapon (combined with a gravity gun) against aliens.

In life, the real purpose of the disc saw blades is to cut everything, mostly wood or even metal. But a YouTube channel called The Q has found a new use of disc saws, which is to attach them to bicycles to create a vehicle that can move easily on ice.

This YouTuber’s original idea was to replace the tires of an off-road vehicle with …

The work requires both the ability to handle the material and the recklessness.

You need to cut, drill, and weld to turn the saw blade into a tire with the right size and structural details.

The work requires high patience and carefulness.

If the blade is too sharp, it cuts off the ice and the vehicle cannot move.

So he added a small sheet of metal to the serrated teeth to make sure it didn’t sink into the ice.

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