Revealing the image of the most powerful Honda Civic ever produced

The sketch of Honda Civic 2022 Flathat3D impresses with the sporty design, the details are harmoniously combined.

Although the release date is not yet on the date but based on the image of the test run, famous automobile design studios have outlined the appearance of the Honda Civic 2022 sports version.

The sporty version of Honda Civic 2022 is called Civic Type R. This sketch is made by famous Taiwanese studio Flathat3D. Flathat3D is a studio that specializes in designing versions of bodykit for Japanese sports cars.

Source: Autoevolution

Honda Civic Type R 2022 is based on Honda Civic
In general, the Honda Civic Type R 2022 sports version is quite attractive with a pit design but no less refined at the front of the car.
The sporty rear spoiler brings a feeling of strength and power.

According to Autocar, the new Civic Type R will likely continue to use the internal combustion engine, without the intervention of an electric motor.

Source: VTC, Autoevolution

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