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All New Rolls-Royce Neon Nights is extremely rare, only 4 units worldwide

Except for the ones that appear in the collection below, the Neon Nights version of the Rolls-Royce Black Badge will only have exactly 3 units per color produced. That means that each color only released 4 correct.

First off, the new Rolls-Royce Neon Nights – the four vibrant colors below are exclusive to the Rolls-Royce Black Badge line. Why? The first is to increase the exclusivity of these versions. Second, the contrast in the colors will create better visual effects for the viewer. With these original paints, individual customers won’t have to wrap or destroy the old paint and can still be proud to own a parcel “RR”.

Recalling the British automaker’s Black Badge line, this is a parcel version launched in 2016, and becomes an available option in the Rolls-Royce range. Currently Black Badge is only applicable on 4 models: Cullinan, Ghost, Wraith and Dawn.

Rolls-Royce Black Badge line was born to attract young customers, “rich kids” who want to own a Rolls-Royce but are “afraid” of its elegance and want a young design. more middle. Right from the name, Black Badge has clearly shown the main design of this version – black. Some details are painted black such as the steering wheel, Spirit of Ecstasy logo, exhaust pipes, brake calipers and interior decoration.

In fact, customers can order Black Badge models in whatever color suits them, through the company’s pre-order program. However, according to Paultan, there is still a stereotype that these cars must be black! That’s why the British car manufacturer launched a new Neon Nights paint option as an objection.

This is also the second time, Rolls-Royce launched a collection of fancy colors after the Pastel Collection was announced at the Pebble Beach event last year. The Neon Nights version will be provided for Wraith, Dawn and Cullinan models. The colors of Neon Nights are inspired by nature. The first is a Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge with Lime Rock Green paint inspired by the Australian green tree frog.

The creature was first spotted by Rolls-Royce Bespoke paint expert Sami Coultas on a trip to Tamworth, north of Sydney. Inside, the “parcel” Wraith has an interior covered with Scivaro Gray leather, with Lime Rock Green accents through stitches and decorative contours.

Followed by a Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge in Eagle Rock Red paintwork imitating the flowers of ‘Ohi’a lehua, a Hawaiian native evergreen tree, combined with a Selby leather finish. Gray with stitching details and red Koi red stitching.

Finally appearing in the series is the super product Rolls-Royce Cullinan with a paint reminiscent of the Rhetus periander butterfly that inspired the Mirabeau Blue you see here. Inside the SUV is equipped with Arctic White leather interior with Lime Rock Green details, creating a striking contrast.

Rolls-Royce’s Technical Fiber trim carries a strong emphasis on the side panel of the seats that is said to describe “deformation of artificial light with speed.” – Rolls-Royce said.

The Rolls-Royce Neon Nights version is currently only available at the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars of Rancho Mirage showroom, California. Customers in the rest of the world will have to “scramble” to get their hands on the remaining 3 colors each.

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