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VIDEO: 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost in Japan

Ghost is the most successful car in the 116 year history of Rolls-Royce. To maintain this, the manufacturer has not changed too much on the new version by sharing the Architecture of Luxur chassis platform made from aluminum similar to the Phantom and Cullinan series. In particular, the partitions, the floor, the support bar and the main frame on the Ghost 2021 have all been redesigned to meet the personalized needs of customers.

Overall, the 2021 version does not look too different from the previous generation, but we can see some new details, including a large headlight cluster with signal lights instead separate, new textured taillights, LED lighting system inside the grille. In particular, the Spirit of Ecstasy logo is placed in a new position and the fixed glass doorway in the C-pillar of the car is slightly changed.

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