Russian car Lada Vesta 2022 is revealed, increasing competitiveness with Hyundai Accent

When the whole world is focusing on the war between Russia and Ukraine, AvtoVAZ has released the first images of the new Lada Vesta.

In addition to Volkswagen and Renault, domestic carmaker AvtoVAZ is also currently affected by the conflict in Ukraine. When the whole world is focusing on the war between Russia and Ukraine, AvtoVAZ has released the first images of the upgraded Lada Vesta. In these images, there are both Lada Vesta Sedan and Vesta SW Cross.

Through the images released by AvtoVAZ, it can be seen that the Lada Vesta Sedan 2022 series has only changed slightly compared to before. However, these changes still help this B-sized car become new after 7 years on the market.

On the front of the car, the Lada Vesta Sedan 2022 is equipped with a new full LED headlight cluster, connected with a chrome splint extending down the front bumper and surrounding the fog lamp socket. This chrome splint detail forms an “X” shape on the front of the car and is reminiscent of Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Shield design language.

Next is the borderless grille with 2 new horizontal chrome splints, making this Russian car look more premium than before. In addition, Lada Vesta 2022 is also equipped with an additional central air cavity divided into 2 new floors.

Meanwhile, the side design of Lada Vesta Sedan 2022 has not changed. AutoVAZ only added new 16-inch and 17-inch wheels for this B-size car.

Behind, Lada Vesta Sedan 2022 is added with more modern LED taillights and sports bumpers with fake exhaust tips. Located below the rear bumper is a fake diffuser to increase the sportiness of the car.

In Lada Vesta SW Cross 2022, we will see a higher chassis and a black plastic brace surrounding the body. Similar to the sedan version, Lada Vesta SW Cross 2022 also has full LED headlights, new LED taillights and improved front / rear bumpers. However, this model has an additional silver fake chassis panel below the front / rear bumpers to emphasize the aggressiveness. In addition, Lada Vesta SW Cross 2022 also comes with its own honeycomb grille and black border surrounding the front fog lamp socket.

Not only changing the design, AvtoVAZ also integrated sensors into the front and rear bumpers of Lada Vesta 2022 to assist with parking as well as a new blind spot detection system.

Currently, AvtoVAZ has not released interior images of the new Lada Vesta. It is expected that the car will be added with a redesigned dashboard of the Renault group. More specifically, the Russian press believes that Lada Vesta 2022 will inherit a circular air-conditioning knob, integrated with a screen like some Renault and Dacia models. Besides, there is a digital dashboard and a larger touch screen of the infotainment system.

Unfortunately, the engine parameters of Lada Vesta 2022 have not been revealed yet. It is likely that the car will use the same engine as the old version, but slightly improved to meet stricter emission standards. Currently Lada Vesta is using a 4-cylinder gasoline engine, 1.6L capacity with a maximum capacity of 105 horsepower or 111 horsepower. Particularly, Lada Vesta Sport 2022 uses a 4-cylinder gasoline engine, 1.8L capacity with a maximum capacity of 143 horsepower.

Vesta is a car line that was first introduced in 2015. By 2017 and 2018, Vesta SW as well as Vesta SW Cross were released respectively. Last year, Lada Vesta was the best-selling B-size car in the Russian market. Thanks to the series of changes mentioned above, Lada Vesta is expected to attract more customers because modern technologies bring this model closer to rivals.

Lada said, the time to sell the market and the price of Vesta 2022 will be announced in the near future.

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