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SAIC Motor Kun – A luxury sedan concept that can both fly in the sky and dive underwater

SAIC Motor Kun is a concept that looks to the distant future, and shows the manufacturer’s vision for a luxury, versatile vehicle of the near future.

Chinese company SAIC Motor revealed their vision of a futuristic car named Kun at Expo Dubai 2020. This concept model integrates advanced technologies such as autonomous driving, three-dimensional interface, and photosynthetic energy. Moreover, it can also fly and dive underwater like a submarine, or at least that’s what the manufacturer envisions.

After a year hiatus, the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East opened on Friday, October 1. Exhibitors from over 190 countries are showcasing their creations and their latest technology, including SAIC Motor.

This is not the first time the Chinese automaker has participated in the World Expo event. In 2010, SAIC Motor presented its “Direct to 2030” plan, which envisions a future with zero emissions, no traffic accidents, and no traffic jams.

Now, the company’s design teams have updated a new vision in Shanghai and London. The name Kun represents a modern rendition of a shapeshifting creature from Chinese mythology. According to the legend, Kun is a giant fish that lives in the North Sea, and has transformed into a giant bird whose wings look like colorful clouds in the sky when it flies.

This story has been adapted and received a slightly futuristic change. The smart car envisioned by SAIC Motors is capable of transforming into both an underwater vehicle and an airplane. This changing function allows it to adapt to new situations without being limited by space.

As a design study, the Kun has sporty body lines. In addition, it also comes with a set of bird wings, emphasizing the sporty and luxurious character. The overall exterior looks quite similar to the Audi Aicon concept car that was revealed in 2017.

The Kun’s front end looks sharp with ultra-thin headlights, while large light fields are integrated into the center of the closed grille, capable of displaying dynamic animations and graphics in a variety of colors. together. The Kun’s taillights look similar to the headlights, creating an interesting symmetry. The entire roof of the car is covered by solar panels, which extend onto the rear window glass to provide energy for the vehicle.

Described as a bio-intelligent interactive machine, SAIC Motor Kun integrates state-of-the-art technologies such as 3-D visual interaction and autonomous driving. Everything seems to be realized through an intelligent augmented reality system inside the cockpit, giving passengers plenty of space to sit and relax. The futuristic interior also includes zero gravity seats

It is special that cars from the MG and MAXUS brands owned by SAIC Motor will also be available outside the China area at Dubai World Expo 2020. All car lovers will have a chance to discover the latest technology between October 1st and March 31st, 2022.

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