Sleipnir – giant 8-wheeled bus specializing in “riding” ice in Iceland

For visitors to experience the iceland icebergs, this massive Sleipnir bus was built to meet customer needs. This bus has 8 wheels and has a length of 15 meters

Passing Iceland’s melting ice requires a special vehicle. The great trails of this harsh land can easily swallow your regular off-road vehicle, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to see the majestic natural scenery. exam … and an 8 wheeler bus will do it.

A travel agency will not let the cracks and crevices swallow cars stop their journey to discover nature, they use a giant 8-wheel tour bus to carry passengers across the ice cap. Large Langjokull.

The company named this bus after Odin’s 8-legged horse in Norse mythology, Sleipnir. This name is very suitable as the giant bus has 8 large tires which helps it go through any crevices up to 3 meters wide. This awesome Sleipnir bus measures 15 meters long, has a spacious, well-lit and comfortable interior.

Details about the powertrain are not available, but based on, the bus is powered by an 850 hp engine. It is capable of reaching speeds of 60 km / h in icebergs. Of course, the above power comes at a corresponding price – the Sleipnir is a literal water car. Specifically, it consumes 45 liters of gasoline per 100 km

Inside, passengers enjoy a luxurious cabin with soft leather seats, wooden floors, large windows, and a panoramic roof above. The photos also show the bus with a storage space between its wheels, serving as a storage for cooking and other necessities.

According to a local source, this special bus was created by a 59-year-old mechanic named Astvaldur Oskarsson, the price of the Sleipnir bus is about 70 million Krona Iceland. The cost of visiting the iceberg on Sleipnir is 10,000 kronur.

Currently, Langjokull ice cap continues to melt because of global warming. Scientists believe that much of the ice cap, formed around 2,500 years ago, will disappear by the end of this century.

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