Smartphone maker Huawei introduces a new model, competing with Tesla Model Y

The Aito M5 will be significantly cheaper than the Tesla Model Y, but promises superior power and range.

China is fast becoming the largest consumer of electric vehicles in the world. To quench the seemingly limitless thirst for electric vehicles, manufacturers like Tesla have opened production plants in the country. But even the biggest electric vehicle maker is struggling to keep up with demand, opening the door for other players to jump in.

Brands like Nio are aiming to capture a large chunk of China’s domestic electric vehicle market, and smartphone maker Huawei is the latest player to jump into the fray. Back earlier this year, Huawei announced its intention to produce electric vehicles, and in April, Huawei delivered on its promise when it introduced the SF5 model co-developed with Cyrus. Now, the Chinese tech giant has announced a new model that will feature its Harmony OS operating system. This time, that model is called Aito M5.

Aito M5’s goal is to compete with Tesla Model Y, a very popular option in the Chinese market. Speaking at Huawei’s winter product launch event, Richard Yu, chief executive officer and CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, said that the M5 will offer the highest capacity and range compared to the Model Y. , thanks to running on both electricity and gasoline. Specifically, this SUV model will have a 200 kWh battery pack, and promises an operating range of over 1,000 km.
This is clearly not a fair comparison as the M5 is essentially a plug-in hybrid and will have the advantage of a full tank of gas when the battery pack runs out of power. Mr. Yu even loudly bragged about the improvement of the M5. “You’ll know if it’s premium by the sound. We can provide a library-like quiet quality experience,” said Yu.
Huawei’s role in the Aito M5 lies in the infotainment operating system. Harmony OS can fully integrate with other Huawei products, and customers can even use Huawei smartwatches as keys to start their cars.
Aito is under the Seres brand, a Silicon Valley-based subsidiary of Chongqing-based automaker Sokon. The company believes that turning a car into a smart device similar to a phone is the future. Harmony OS has been developed by Google which bans the company from using its Android operating system.

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