Strange story: The couple used a boat to move their 100-year-old house to a new place

Moving a house on land is already difficult, but doing it on water is much more complicated and risky.

Moving is an easy job when all you need to do is pack all your possessions, put them in a truck, and unload them when you arrive at your new place. Moving “a house” is an entirely different matter, involving jacks and trailers and all sorts of other complications. However, for Daniele Penney and Kirk Lovell, it was even more difficult because they decided to float a house on the water to get it to where it was needed, and nearly lost it in the process.

It may sound like a joke, but this strange moving house story is absolutely true. Penney has long coveted a square green house on Wharf Road in McIvers, Newfoundland, Canada. Despite keeping an eye on the house for many years, she was unable to purchase it when it was last put up for sale. However, upon learning that the house was going to be demolished by its new owners, Penny approached them about buying the house to move to his property, about a kilometer down the coast. The owner agreed, and so the work of moving the whole house began.

The problem is that the 100+ year old house cannot be easily moved on land, due to overhead power lines in the community. Instead, Penney and her husband Lovell decided to float the house into the waters of the Bay of Islands. They built a large frame with wheels on the bottom, and in about a week the house was lifted and installed on it. The buoyancy was then settled with the addition of some foam insulation and 28 plastic bins.

The house was pushed slowly into the water, and Lovell intended to complete the removal with three small fishing boats to push and pull it to its destination. However, disaster soon struck when Lovell’s boat broke down. With no forward momentum, the house quickly flooded and began to sink. Speaking to Saltwire, Penney emphasized the tension of the situation, saying, “I don’t know what was more terrifying, seeing this house fall before our eyes, or Kirk steering helplessly. in his boat.”

However, everything went smoothly. Lovell made it to shore and jumped into another boat, and then received a helping hand from residents in the community. Not long after, in the bay appeared a fleet of small boats engaged in moving the house, which was partially submerged under water. With the powerful help of those boats, the work quickly became more convenient.

Once ashore, an excavator is tasked with towing the house to the mainland. However, one was not enough, but with the second excavator, the house was eventually towed to its new location overlooking the water. Regarding the condition of the house, although it was partially flooded, it was not badly damaged. It has been blow-dried and wood-fired, and shows no signs of decay or mildew at all. Overall, the moving story of Daniele Penney and Kirk Lovell is truly rare, and as dramatic as a movie.

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